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2021年4月 5日 (月)

【14】国際コース 学生紹介 2年生 Seima Sano

Hello!I’m Seima Sano.

I work part-times every Saturday and Sunday.

My workplace is DayGLORY in Lalaport Iwata where is clothes shop. Our shop originated in Kobe.

There is the easternmost store.

There are also Okayama, Nagoya and Togo.


I acquired communication skills with this part-job.

I want to utilize my communication skills in the medical field.


  1. 国際支援入門の感想

I learned how to cooperate as the world.

For example,Japan is delivering wheelchairs to developing countries.

The countries are not able to make wheelchairs a lot.

So,developing country’s people were forced to live an inconvenient life.

But,sending wheelchairs that are no longer used in developed countries to developing countries will charge the quality of life.

In this way,the countries are cooperating with each other.

I learned something like this.


  1. 自分の抱負

I want to be occupational therapist who can handle people all over the world.

That’s why,recently,the number of foreigners living in Japan is increasing.

So,I think there will be opportunities to be involved in both medical places and daily life.

For that reason, I want to be able to communicate and understand in English.               

This is my dream!